Our Company

We created this insurance product to solve the biggest issue that Lease Here Pay Here dealers face every day. The customer’s auto insurance can be a huge problem for the dealer.

We created a computerized system that makes the process of issuing insurance to the lessee simple and streamlined. We have been running a similar insurance program for large fleet management companies since 1995. These companies lease cars to businesses that need hundreds of vehicles at a time for their sales forces. We took the fundamentals of this program to develop an insurance program specific to Lease Here Pay Here dealers that has never been done before.

We have decades of experience in the insurance industry working for a firm in Maryland. The combination of insurance, with our long history of working with companies leasing large fleets of vehicles, gives us the ability to develop this insurance program for Lease Here Pay Here dealers.

It’s our entrepreneurial mindset that inspired us to develop and create this specialized insurance program. The insurance industry typically says no to anything new. We found a way to make this happen because we are excited about the Lease Here Pay Here future.